Thursday, February 9, 2012

Special Housing Needs

Lots going on lately as I'm nearing graduation.  I only have one class plus my internship left before I graduate...hooray!  After much searching, I believe I've found the perfect summer intern opportunity.  My degree is in psychology with a specialization in Christian counseling.  CASA (court appointed special advocates - for children) should be a good fit with my internship requirements and the people of CASA have been wonderful to work with.  

Notice Hissy's head in the food bowl :-)
Now for bunny news.  I've relocated my rabbits (just to another part of the house).  Since I live in the 'burbs, I am pretty limited on space.  At this point, I only have my two buns so it's not that big a deal.  The problem is that in the house there isn't much room to grow.  Every time I see a nice rabbit that I think would make a good addition to the rabbitry, I am reminded of my limited space:(  ~ not to mention any kits I might want to keep when I breed my two ~ 

I recently moved the rabbits from the master bath to a spare bedroom.  I typically use this room as a media/craft room.  It has wood floors, so I bought some clear vinyl at Hobby Lobby to cover the floor (the dots on the floor are ladybugs on the vinyl).  I realize that my rabbit housing requirements are a bit unique as compared with others I've talked with, but I wonder if anyone else keeps rabbits in the house successfully... or does everyone house them in a separate outside building?  

Notice also her ample dewlap. "Big" Daddy doesn't look very big next to her.
I plan to devote my February posts to all things related to rabbit housing:  rabbitry plans, building cages or hutches, rabbitry setups I admire, etc. Of course, I hope to also have some show updates or bunny Valentine photos thrown in here and there too!


  1. Such a Cute set up! I love the lady bug vinyl too.;-)

  2. Congratulations to you on your pending graduation! CASA is a wonderful organization. I have a dedicated bunny room (a spare bedroom/office). The girls live there. The bucks have their own area while it's cool outisde. I love it. You are right, though, about the space considerations. I always have to consider that...and it makes me a bit OCD about the cleaning. In my dream world, my rabbit room would be an addition to my house...directly connected (like a sunroom), but separate enough that I don't feel like the crazy bunny lady.

  3. Thanks guys!=)

    Kelly...Yes, yes, yes to everything you said!! Glad I'm not the only one that feels like a crazy bunny lady, lol. I absolutely agree about the OCD cleaning. Do you house the bucks in hutches? I have a big backyard, but I worry about the cats and raccoons in the neighborhood.

  4. LOL! My bucks are in our two-car garage right now...because it's cool. I was worried about them being less protected in my backyard. I've got the same cat/raccoon/loose dog worries. Gives my DH time to construct a "buck" area. I found a neat three sided garden shed enclosure in HandyMan magazine that I thought of screening off with wire and maybe putting the bucks inside that for safety. I'm sure my DH will ban me from Home Depot from now on. Btw, I have noticed that cleaning requirements for all my rabbits decreased incredibly after separating by sex. My boys are less spray-crazy. Thank goodness!

  5. Screening in a garden shed is a good idea. I plan to post later this month on some outside buildings that I like. Hissy's the one that sprays, lol. Part of me was worried that the judge on Sat. would say...uh oh, ladies and gentlemen we have a buck - hahaha. But, I think part of Big Daddy's problem with being on the small side is that he's more interested in smelling Hissy above him than in eating=(