Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Judge's Favorite ! :-)

I had such a good time at the Crosby show!  What a turnaround from the last show.  It's amazing how different two shows can be.  The weather was about the same (brrrr...freezy cold) and the venue was similar (horse barn...although Crosby has a partial concrete floor - yay!), but the big difference was that I met my goal!!  I was hoping to just get to the point where my rabbits would place in the middle third of their classes and I'm happy to say that I reached that goal in Crosby. 

The day got off to a bad start.  Hissy had a fairly loose stool, so I had to leave her home.  I may have given her too much calf manna or too many greens or who knows.  Thankfully she's almost back to normal now.  It was disappointing, but it was probably for the best.  Her coat has improved tremendously since Victoria, but she still has a little way to go to get back in tip-top condition.  

So, off I went to Crosby with my one little bunny in tow.  When I went to get registered, the guy looked up from his paperwork...smiled...and said, "Just one?"  "Yes sir, just the one."  "Well at least you came out," he replied - LOL.  We found a place ringside, on the concrete, to set up - yay!  Big Daddy also was looking a lot better than he did in Victoria.  Both his coat and flesh condition improved significantly on the calf manna and he loves it!  The little stinker nudges the regular pellets out of his food cup to get to the calf manna.  Is is just me or does the calf manna smell like licorice?=) 

The judge in Show A was awesome!  I must say that Big Daddy was awesome too, hehe.  He turned on the charm and she just loved him.  He was enamored with the smells on her coat and, it seemed, with her.  He reminded me of the dogs at Westminster when they bark a friendly bark, tail wagging enthusiastically, while the judge is evaluating them and everybody laughs and starts clapping.  Go ahead Big Daddy, I thought, play up to the judge.  Hey, at 7 months, in a sea of big boys, he has to use what assets he has.  So, he sniffed away and then started to slowly climb up her coat with his front feet to get a better look at her.  I'm biased, but it really was so cute.  Anyway, she took her time going over each rabbit and then started to place them.  I was so nervous.  When it came time to place and comment on him, she said "This is the judge's favorite.  He is my favorite..."  She repeated "favorite" 3 times...not in a BOB kind of way, but in a personality way.  Needless to say, I was beside myself.  He got a "very good" on head, "good" on type, and "fair" on crown.  He placed 9 out of 19 in the class.  Someone more experienced at exhibiting may have shuddered at that.  I was just ecstatic.  I can't imagine feeling any happier if he had won BOB.  I wouldn't mind finding out someday, though;)