Monday, February 13, 2012


Our first show of 2012 was a cold one!  As I drove the two hours to get to the show, I was filled with anxiety.  I was excited about showing my two convention rabbits for the first time and worried about the terrible condition of Hissy Fit's coat and Big Daddy's ability to compete as a very young senior.  

I was glad that it was a comment card show, since I find it hard to take all the judge's comments in.  I tend to focus on the bad and forget the good.  Unfortunately, it was the first time for the girl that did the writing, so there aren't that many comments on the cards.  Although if it had been my first time writing, I doubt that I would have done as good as she did.  Some judges talk pretty fast.  I need to learn how to record the judge's comments on my own comment cards as I've seen some others do.  Surprisingly, Holland Lops were underrepresented at this show as compared with most shows I've attended.  In the senior classes, there were 6-7 rabbits (usually there are more than twice that many).  The competitors that were there with the most entries were some of the best in Texas.  So, we were in very good company.

Big Daddy, as a 7 month old senior, did as well as could be expected, I suppose.  He looked so small compared to his neighbors (current weight is 2 lbs., 12 oz.).  The judge had a lot of good comments about him.  Some of the more constructive comments were about the improvement that is needed in his flesh and coat condition.  He's still young and we can work on that.  The buck that won the class was 6 years old!   
My little guy next to the gorgeous, massive buck that came in 2nd
Deb Jones, a Holland Lop breeder from Wyoming shares her insight about this topic on the HLRSC website:

"This is not a breed that competes well as a young senior. For those wanting a quick maturing rabbit, Hollands are not the right choice. However, the longevity of a show career when showing this breed of rabbit is well worth the wait. Very few breeds enjoy the length of time competing on the show table that Hollands do. Especially Holland bucks. I have known bucks that are still competitive at 5 years or more. Very few breeds can do this."

So, there's hope for Big Daddy as he matures.  It would be great if he grew into his name =)
Hissy Fit was truly a molty mess.  The judge was nice in his comments when he said, her coat was "on vacation."  If it wasn't for the fact that I just have two rabbits, I would have left her at home.  Her coat is usually one of her best qualities.  Lindsey at 4 Kings Rabbitry posted last month about going "Molty to Gorgeous in 3 weeks."  She shared her success with using half calf manna/ half pellets to restore coat condition.  I had planned to take her advice, but my tractor supply only had the 50# bag in stock which would have expired many times over before I used it all with my current bunnies.  Fortunately, I was able to find a 10# bag this weekend at the TSC in Victoria.  I only have 2 weeks before the Crosby show, but I hope to get them both in somewhat better condition by then.  She's a nice size (3 lbs., 3 oz.) so I hope to not add too much weight on to her, while still improving her coat condition.  That's the goal, anyway.
Same doe, less than a month later not posing & in full molt. Ugh!
A Perfect Poser with a full show home ;)

I hadn't planned to write this much about rabbit shows this month, but I always learn so much at them.  Unfortunately, I was a popsicle by mid morning.  I dressed way too springy for the weather and my mom was feeling lousy, so we didn't stay for the 2nd show.  I hated leaving early, but plan to be better prepared for the next show.  I am pretty competitive by nature (who isn't?), but my goal for showing this year is to just place in the middle third of each class.  I don't expect to place in the top third, but I also hope that I don't continue to place in the bottom third.  It seems realistic and attainable, in theory anyway.  I am new, but the lines that my rabbits are from are well established.  I am learning, however, that both need to harmoniously work together for the rabbit to place well.  Onward and hopefully upward!    


  1. Awe! Don't know how I missed this post. I hope the calf manna helps, it may cause a molt though. My little buck was already in full blown molt with I started the intensive feeding of calf manna. I didn't know hollands were late, 6 years and winning?! I hope he fills out some more, sounds like he will. Keep it up, you'll get there! :-D

  2. So sorry I missed you at the show...I think I spent the whole first show trying to regroom one of my pesky rabbits :(
    Thanks for posting all the HL info. I didn't know that hollands were late bloomers either. I just love learning about everyone else's breed :) You are so right about learning and rabbit shows. I always come home buzzing full of exciting new stuff.
    Keep on truckin'. Our best days are ahead :)

  3. I appreciate the encouraging words! I was kind of disheartened on the trip home, but stepping back to get some perspective is always helpful. It would have been nice to see how BD would have stacked up in the junior class. In Hollands, I think it just takes a while for them to develop that "massive and thick set" body and head that's "massive in appearance" that the standard calls for.

    Lindsey - so far, so good on the calf manna. I haven't been giving him 1/2 & 1/2 yet. Just sort of taking it slowly to see how he does and Hissy's starting to look a little better.

    Kelly - Sorry I missed you too! Are you planning on going to Crosby?