Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Show Blues

Well, we didn't make it to the show this past weekend=(  A series of events prevented our attendance.  A second opinion and much prayer turned major truck repairs (over $5,000 est.) into minor ones (under $200), thankfully!  But, I was told that the truck should be driven around town for a few days to make sure that the problem is solved.  Unfortunately, a road trip was not wise.

The rabbits are doing great; their coats...not so much.  The mineral oil I used to treat their ears wreaked havoc with their fur.  I may have used a bit too much oil, or this may be par for the course with this treatment.  At any rate, they used their feet to scratch at and spread the oil.  The skin around their ears is red and the fur is oily.  They're a bit of a mess, but if they had ear mites, they should be rid of them - yay!  Or closer to it. 

Hopefully by the Victoria show next month, they will be looking much better.  I've considered using alcohol to remove some of the remaining oil and clean the outside of their red ears, although this may sting.  Any ideas?  Should I just wait and let them groom themselves?  It's not a huge amount of oil; it just makes a big difference in the look and feel of the fur around their ears and neck.  I will repeat the treatment in a couple of weeks.  I'd like to clean them up some after that, if I can, to make them more comfortable and get them ready for the next show.


  1. It's always a bummer to miss a show when you were planning on going. Hopefully, your rabbits will make it to the next one :) I don't know about alcohol removing the mineral oil. Maybe someone else will know. I always had a bit of residue when I used it for Biggles earmites. It left his ear wool a bit icky, but then it went away (ear mites and ickiness). i used a q-tip to apply it.

  2. Sounded like Waxahachie was a good show - hope to make it to that one next year. I used an eyedropper, so I'm sure I just used too much oil. I wanted to be sure to drown the little suckers, lol:D Thanks for your advice on this!